Johnny Cooper: My Cousin Made Me Wet

Last Friday was hanging out in Annex occupying my cousin, I went to help a little clean as was alone decided to put some music on the radio was playing a very sensual reaggeton -I know many of you do not You will like that kind of music, but it seems to me amused I started to dance to the music by moving my waist sensually, not knowing that my cousin had arrived and I was watching.Suddenly he came to dance too and stood behind me, at first I was just very close but as the song progressed began placing his hands on my waist, my thighs, almost was touching my ass, that began to wear restless I admit, so I started to approach it the ass and before I knew what was brushing in the crotch. Better not, that man began to stick to my body while I was still playing, buttocks, arms.Honestly I could not find do not know if I was more nervous than excited or vice versa, and it turns out there came the most intense. I lifted a little buttocks with his hands and began rubbing the package against ass over clothes when I felt that I had finished wet, I knew that to continue so I would end up giving it all, so I stopped dead and I told him that we left it better that way.- Why? You do not like? (He told me)- It’s because this has much fondling (I replied)- Jajajajajaja watch me go, do not be unfriendly to me.And it has taken that Verga stop just see it almost gives me a heart attack. Such was the impression I ran and left the annex to medium cleaning. But was so excited that as soon as I got home I went straight to the shower, when I pulled the thong was soaked, what a shame! Even the shorts were too wet, I had a terrible masturbated me, biting the towel is clear, otherwise not only my mom but the whole block had heard the moans of pleasure that I would escape.Since then I’ve been doing crazy, avoiding my cousin as much as possible, I dare not see his face, I’m sure you had to notice the shorts all wet, I was about to let me catch up with him and like little , achievement not forget the thick vergota spent, I continued to play imagining that grabbed her and give a good blowjob that naked in front of him and let him touch me everywhere do you think they say? Should I go further? Do not know how I’m going to do with this hormonal uproar charge.A kiss for everyone.

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